Hello! My name is Wilson Wongso, a junior Computer Science student currently studying in Bina Nusantara University. My main field of interest is Deep Learning, especially solving problems related to Computer Vision and Natural Language.

I am currently a Machine Learning Engineer at Bookbot and a Youth Cultural Book Content Consultant at INOVASI. I lead and conduct research in the field of education and dabble with the machine learning side of book content production.

Before this position, I was mainly an esports content writer at Hybrid Indonesia where I discuss competitive gaming, professional players & teams, do interviews, and occasionally mix a little machine learning in my writing. In my free time, I used to tutor high school students privately and host a podcast show together with my friends at Podcast Keren.

Latest Blog Posts

Predicting Phonemes with BERT
Our team at Bookbot is currently developing a grapheme-to-phoneme Python package for Bahasa Indonesia. The package is highly inspired by its English counterpart, g2p. A lot of our design and methods are borrowed from that library, most notably the steps to predict phonemes.

My HuggingFace JAX Community Week Experience
On June 23, the HuggingFace team announced that they are planning to host a community week together with the people from the Google Cloud team.

Recent Projects

Indonesian Transformer Language Models
Various Transformer-based language models trained on mostly Indonesian-related corpora. Powered by HuggingFace, PyTorch & Python.

A self reminder React Native app that includes a todo list, event countdowns, bible reading plan, and book library. Powered by React Native, Firebase & JavaScript.

Curated Articles

School Curriculum: Indonesian National vs. Cambridge International
As I enter my freshman year in university, I’m gradually exposed to more people and their various backgrounds. The more I chat with my new friends, the more I get to understand one major difference that I’ve overlooked all this time – a school’s curriculum.

The Absurd and Ironic Indonesian Reading Culture
While a lot of people abroad are racing to read hundreds of books per year, the Indonesian people are famous for having one of the world’s lowest reading interests. This peculiarity is not only concerning to many but also represents a huge irony for a country whose people are immensely active in day-to-day social media activities.

How MOBA Games Killed My Fear of Math
Like many young kids growing up, I hated mathematics. The subject to me seemed blurry, scary, full of large quantities, and looked like I could never catch up to my peers who were excelling in elementary school. More often than not, I will also hear a couple of my schoolmates who argued that this subject is utterly useless in the real world, their most favorite catchphrase being: “why do we even study this?”

M2 World Championship Playoffs Analyses: A Tale of Twists and Turns
After weeks of preparation, quarantine session, and a great show of team fighting skills, the M2 World Championship has finally come to an end, crowning the latest, world’s best team in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. More importantly, M2 marks the end of an era for multiple recurring themes, ranging from the newly crowned champions to those who retired with a quite bitter aftertaste.

Esports Franchising in Nations with Developing Mobile Esports Scene
Esports is one of the most attractive and popular fields to hop into in recent years. It has proven its worth and the amount of attention it gets even from the mainstream public. To a few, esports is merely forming teams and playing as five, but it gets more serious than that. Esports has formed its very own ecosystem outside of casual gaming, and the two realms seem to be growing in their own separate ways.

One-Tap Potential: Jason “f0rsakeN” Susanto’s Youthful Esports Pursuit
When we think of esports athletes, we tend to think of relatively older players who either have dropped out of school to chase their dreams or be semi-responsible for their academic lives. More often than not, it’s tempting to play games over doing homework, since most of us probably dislike the idea of not having fun.